Master Limited Partnership (MLP) Pipeline Audits

Our MLP Pipeline Audits deliver assurance of contract compliance with hard-dollar cost recovery.


Revenew’s in-depth Master Limited Partnership (MLP) Pipeline CAPEX and Operating Audits deliver contract compliance, cost validation, reporting, cost avoidance and recovery for our clients. We ensure that costs are properly incurred, identified and allocated to the owners by the MLP operators as we provide greater transparency into operator reporting and cost control. Prime contractor and subcontractor contracts and billing practices are tested and evaluated to industry best practices. Field testing and observations occur in a real-time environment. High-risk and high-dollar activities are subject to stop-and-go or intermittent audit and review throughout the construction period.

• Improved transparency into MLP cost and budget calculations and assessments

• Hard-dollar recovery of prime and sub-contractor overcharges

• Real-time audits reveal detrimental practices and replace with best practices


We conduct a thorough review of all expenditures with an individual review of contract terms and conditions on selected agreements with key suppliers and contractors. This includes line-item analysis and review of invoices, monetary transactions, purchase orders and related documents, validation of price/volume and confirmation that contract provisions have been accurately translated. Thereafter, cost reduction and contract improvement opportunities are identified and presented, along with identification and recovery of over-payments and business concessions that translate to prospective savings.

Revenew’s audit programs ensure that our clients are accurately charged and receive their full entitlements under established supplier agreements.

“The success has been enormous. In less than three years, Revenew helped us to recover $17 million gross!”


Audited Activities

  • Siting and route plan
  • ROW acquisitions
  • Pipe acquisition and delivery
  • Mobilization
  • Contractor equipment
  • Third party equipment
  • Small tools and consumables
  • Mats
  • Fuel practices
  • Change order management
  • Security and fire watch
  • Daily analysis
  • Safety inspection
  • QA/QC
  • Welding certifications
  • Administration
  • Inspectors
  • Crew engineers
  • Pipe yard
  • Clearing crew
  • Ditching and blasting
  • Land agents
  • Archeologists
  • Animal wranglers
  • Placement crews
  • HDD contractors
  • Grading crews
  • Reclamation crews
  • Scrap
  • Demobilization
  • Final reclamation
  • Pumping stations

Revenew’s Cost Recovery and Cost Containment services produce hard-dollar results for our clients – specific, tangible and often quite substantial. Please contact us today at 281-276-4500 or to learn more. You have everything to gain.