Disaster Response Team from Revenew

It’s difficult to predict when disasters such as floods, hurricanes, industrial spills and  will occur. And no matter how well your company has planned its crisis response protocol, the work environment is often chaotic once disaster strikes – and a coordinated, timely response is critical to ensuring your costs are controlled.

Revenew’s Disaster Response team can mobilize to arrive at your site within 48 hours of an event’s conclusion with a team of highly-experienced review resources. We help to mitigate damage, restore order and ultimately reduce negative impact – to your customers, your suppliers and to your bottom line.

In many cases, state regulatory agencies will require that you provide an audit of storm service invoices when certain spend thresholds are reached, to ensure ratepayers are charged properly. We interact with all of the national storm service providers on a regular basis and will be productive in review and dispute resolution from day one.


Our team members have been trained to work in a wide range of IT and data platforms and are very familiar with contract design and industry norms. They are also highly-motivated and self-sufficient, which minimizes any training or monitoring needed from our clients.

A designated disaster administration and audit expert works on-site with your leadership to develop strategies and metrics which immediately maximize efficiencies and build a foundation for support during future events.


Your suppliers and contractors are also thrown into action and often work double shifts to bring in people, materials and equipment from multiple locations as they meet your immediate needs. The ability to monitor and pay their invoices becomes more difficult due to the increased volume and inability to follow protocol in extreme conditions. Revenew’s team will ensure that process controls and pricing agreements are strictly adhered to, with detailed real-time analysis of disbursements provided.

Many times your employees will have experienced their own losses and require time off. Revenew’s support will allow them to take time needed to manage personal loss and return even more quickly to their normal work activities.

Revenew’s Disaster Response services provide valuable invoice management, auditing and processing support during times of crisis. Please contact us today at 281-276-4530 or info@revenew.net to learn more. You have everything to gain.