Real-time Contract Compliance Reviews Contain Costs

Our real-time contract compliance audit programs provide clients with the confidence that their invoices, change orders and critical contract terms and conditions are being reviewed and thoroughly monitored before any invoice is paid, change is approved or contract term or condition is achieved. The best way to contain cost is to ensure it’s reviewed thoroughly prior to being incurred and paid.

Contract Administration Improves Cost, Schedules and Performance

Diligent Contract Administration of our clients’ contracts – from inception to closeout – allows us to align all stakeholders to contract details as we deliver ongoing, real-time verification of compliance with all terms and conditions. When errors are found, we identify root causes to ensure future compliance as well.

Our Contract Scorecards regularly monitor and communicate key supplier performance, while our Management Action Plans help to ensure that corrective action is being taken. Revenew’s contract compliance specialists interact with client and supplier stakeholders on-site, where recovery opportunities and corrective actions are identified in real time.

We enable our clients to achieve significant cost recovery and containment results – quickly and at a significant return on invested costs – with no impact on project schedules. Our engagement is low risk, improving supplier relationships while simultaneously recovering and containing costs.

Contract Language Risk Assessments Identify and Reduce Risks

Complex contractual agreements with numerous suppliers represent significant financial value to an organization, and the quality of contract language can impact exposure to risk. Our in-depth contract risk audits identify commercial risk levels while offering recommendations for improved language. By implementing industry-leading language and terms, the full intent of contracts will be realized – resulting in improved financial results as well as reduced risk.

Strengthened Contract Templates Deliver Improved Results

Revenew’s review process often reveals opportunities for contract language risk management improvements. Frequently-used contract templates can be revised or expanded to provide more detail in the commercial terms, and greater transparency in contractual relationships. Our team works closely with clients to develop and implement stronger contract templates, which in turn deliver improved work processes and results.

Capabilities Assessments Improve Contract Lifecycle Management

Our Capabilities Assessments identify gaps in the organizational design of a company’s contract lifecycle management process. Whether you are sourcing goods and services or managing changes to existing contracts, our experts assess the company’s current people, processes and technology to ensure a successful contract lifecycle with all purchased goods and services. We work directly with stakeholders to develop a roadmap in order to implement best practices and process improvements.

"A notable difference is the industry knowledge, skill and experience level of Revenew's review staff."

Specialty Reviews Provide Expertise When and Where Needed

Our experts provide the right knowledge and experience when and where it’s needed. Whether faced with a complex purchase sale agreement requiring review for contract compliance or support on an investigation, claim or dispute, Revenew’s experts are there when and where you need it. Our teams conduct root cause analyses and provide value-added recommendations that can be implemented in real time to improve company processes and controls.


Review contractor performance for compliance
Conduct real-time invoice reviews on major projects
Capture savings before monies are disbursed
Identify risk in existing contracts
Implement improved, auditable terms and conditions
Monitor and improve compliance using Contract Scorecards
Assess organizational design: people, processes and technology
Compare current vs. leading practices (benchmarking)
Develop roadmap to implement improvements
Perform audits of complex agreements and contracts
Provide support on investigations, claims and/or disputes
Perform audits of critical processes and/or functions
Provide root cause analyses and value-added recommendations


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